Turf Care AMP XC HI-CAL Lime W/ Iron Professional Lime 50 lb

Turf Care AMP XC HI-CAL Lime W/ Iron Professional Lime 50 lb

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High Calcium Lime powered by AMP-XC™ with Iron and Humic is a multicoated homogenous product formulated by TurfCare Supply. It is a combination of pelletized High Calcium Lime, AMP-XC, Humic and Iron (a combination of ferrous sulfate and EDTA), all of which are 100% soluble. This powerful combination of ingredients activates several beneficial biological and environmental responses in the plant and soil and greatly improves the health and lush green appearance of turf.

• Neutralizes pH levels in Acidic Soils
• Enhances the Uptake of Micronutrients
• Assists with Seed Emergence and Growth
• Provides Iron, a Nutrient for Greening
• Increases Moisture Storage
• Promotes an Environment for Root Growth

High Calcium Pelletized Limestone provides an instant supply of calcium to the soil and plant and assists with maintaining and neutralizes acidic pH levels. Calcium is important in cell division and membrane function. A deficiency in calcium results in poor root and shoots growth and a higher risk of developing moss, bare spots and certain weed species. The limestone used by TurfCare Supply has one of the highest calcium percentages of pelletized limestone on the market today.

AMP-XC™ Technology is an innovative fertilizer biocatalyst and soil amendment, consisting of microorganisms that increases the availability and uptake of plant nutrients, improving plant performance to get more from fertility management programs. AMP-XC™ also contains a powerful combination of microbial extracted metabolite technology wich are a natural, rich source of proteins, essential amino acids and organic substances that are highly beneficial to the plant and soil health. An eco-responsible choice, AMP-XC™ results in optimal plant performance and improved plant health, reducing the need for excessive nitrogen or chemical use.

Humic substances are created by the microbial degradation of biomolecules (lipids, proteins, carbohydrates, lignin) dispersed in the environment after the death of living cells. Humic substances act as all-natural biostimulants; they have a “hormone-like effect” on plant growth and metabolism. In addition to playing other roles in plant nutrient uptake, humic substances have the remarkable ability to chelate (attach and hold) positively charged ions (Mg, Ca, Fe, and other “trace minerals” cations) in the soil. Humic substances then deliver these essential micronutrients to the plant by adsorbing (attaching) to the root hairs so that they may be transported into the plant for use. Humic substances help aerate compacted soils such as clay, allowing for enhanced water penetration and retention. Soils rich in humics promote vigorous root growth and development. Adding humic substances to sandy soils results in increased water retention and decreased nutrient leaching.

Chelated iron (EDTA iron) is a form of soluble iron that is readily available for absorption by plants. Iron is involved in the production of chlorophyll, a pigmented molecule inside the plant cell that makes a plant appear green. An abundance of iron results in a higher rate of chlorophyll production. Severe iron deficiencies in plants leads to chlorosis.